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Welcome to Barrientos Construction Services

The construction trade is a wonderful world of diversity and equipment. A panoramic view of any building site shows a world of color, action, and hard work. At Barrientos Construction Services, we are convinced that seeing is believing. The many pictures presented throughout the pages of our website are examples of different types of construction services Bastrop, TX homeowners and businesses have trusted to our company.


No construction project is the same. You can depend on the experts at Barrientos Construction Services to remain aware of other activities that may affect the face lift we are providing to your property and plan accordingly to prevent diversions. We are proud to be part of this incredible community and welcome the opportunity to share scenes from the last couple of years with you. Click through the pages and categories to see what we do and why we are the preeminent construction company in Central Texas.

General Construction:
This construction category includes building and restoration for industrial, residential, and commercial projects. This parking area is built for durability and longevity due to the steel-plated reinforced trusses, stone columns, and huge timbers.

Commercial construction:
Project work on schools, shopping centers, and office buildings are included in this type of construction work. This scene reflects part of the work involved when adding a room to an existing structure.

Tree removal:
Call on Barrientos Construction Services Bastrop, TX to safely remove a tree or trees from commercial and residential property. Tree services include lot and land clearing, pruning and shaping, and stump grinding.

Site Preparation:
Preliminary work before any type of construction begins is referred to as site preparation. Trees, bushes, and other types of vegetation are removed, including roots. The ground is roughly leveled using heavy equipment. Construction begins long before the actual structure is built and Barrientos Construction Services Bastrop, TX can prepare your sight in advance.

Concrete flatwork:
Concrete flatwork is also known as finish concrete, where the concrete is reinforced to handle anticipated traffic and loads. It is used for walkways and areas like basements and garages.

Add the beauty of custom masonry to the outside of your building. Artistic logos and designs are made from stone. Barrientos Construction is pleased to offer quality craftsmanship using eco-friendly stone.